Our product RELYON ( Chlorine Dioxide ) is stable, >99% pure and in liquid form which generates NO harmful By-products.Particularly MX ( Mutagen X ),THM ( Tri Halo Methanes ),HAA ( Halo Acetic Acids ),Alkali metal Sulfates,Chlorites,Chlorates,Chloramines,free Chlorine...etc.The end products are a fraction of Sodium Sulphate ( Na2SO4 ) and Sodium Chloride ( NaCl ).These substances are most common in water. RELYON process for the preparation of liquid Chlorine Dioxide comprises two component system in watery solution, each component having shelf life of more than two years.Which does not employ any type of generator for production of ClO2.The process can be performed at any place,has almost no explosion hazards.The Chlorine Dioxide obtained by using RELYON components having shelf life as per kinetic half time >30 days.RELYON Chlorine Dioxide deactivates micro organisms by attacking and penetrating their cell wall, disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis. Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, RELYON is highly effective against dormant organisms and spores (Giardia Cysts and Poliovirus).